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Chicago, Illinois, United States
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A global operations and strategy executive with a solid background, leading diverse teams to revenue growth and streamlined operations by effectively combining vision, strategy and tactical execution. He is experienced and effective in domestic and foreign operating environments with proven team building skills, high standards, and clarity in purpose. Possessing strong and diverse business and technical background, his experience is extensive in bridging strategy, marketing and operations, with expertise in driving innovative initiatives.

Utilizing a background in diversified global businesses as a member of core management teams working in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Asia and Israel has given him a can-do reputation, as a superior business developer, and as a leader in privatization, project finance, capital infusion, and equity advisories.

Focusing on privately held companies, Mr. Laks has comprehensive experience in global investment banking services for mergers and acquisitions; corporate finance, including private placement of debt and equity; and strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Mr. Laks successfully filled the gap between larger international investment banking companies who are not able to economically provide services to smaller and mid-sized businesses, and local intermediaries who can give clients only limited access to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and capital markets. Mr. Laks advised on major non-U.S. and cross-border acquisitions and has considerable experience structuring international joint ventures in a wide range of industries.

He has advised on all aspects of negotiated and contested M&A, joint ventures and strategic alliances, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts and public private partnerships.
With a proven track record for project management and completion, he has extensive experience advising in a wide variety of sectors encompassing traditional "old" economies and the new high tech economies worldwide.

• Mergers / Acquisitions / Joint ventures
• Capital Infusion / Private Equity Groups coordination / Equity advisories
• Business platform creation
• Strategic business and marketing development
• Privatization issues

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Chicago, Illinois, United States    
01/2010-Present: President & CEO at Phasecorp in Chicago
President & CEO
Consultants, Consultants Management
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