Jean-Marie JULIEN
Owner at PGSA     Paris, France     Insurance
Paris, France
English; French; German; Italian;
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Following 30 years’ experience as a Profit Centre Manager, Director of enterprise wide Programs, President and CEO,
or COO, of large, multinational French groups’ business units and/or subsidiaries, as well as other small and middle size enterprises, in 2005, and Jean-Marie Julien decided to pursue his career as an executive management consultant and a transition manager as Director/Associate of JMC Conseil & Investissement, a consulting firm.
Jean Marie learned and practiced all aspects of managing people and organisations through multiple functional roles at Schlumberger, Valeo and Thomson. He aspires to use and apply his management knowledge and diverse competencies
to help other companies achieve rapid improvements.
His specialties mainly are, situation diagnosis, corrective action plans building and implementation, change management
(as a transition manager), optimization and consolidation of performances, restructuring and deployment, organization
and resources management, people and teams coaching to develop and improve behavioural and managerial abilities.
Before practising as a transition manager, Jean Marie had already built up substantial and pertinent experience by:
- Managing French and Global enterprises in the UK and Europe (Belgium, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Norway,
Spain, Sweden, Poland, Romania), North, Central and South America (US, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil) and Asia (India,
Korea, China, Indonesia);
- Building new industrial facilities relocating technical platforms and assembly lines, and setting-up effective
international supply chains, quality systems...
- Directing the restructuration and optimisation of commercial and industrial complexes in Europe and the Americas,
where he divested and shut down business units with due concern for the associated social impacts;
- Growing the customer base and industrial activities through various strategies including global mergers and
Having directed numerous enterprise wide projects around the world, Jean Marie knows how to manage and obtain
from people of all levels. He, at times, applies the Palo Alto School interactional approach to improve the competence,
effectiveness, sense of responsibility and motivation of personnel under his care.
Since becoming a C level Consultant and a Transition Manager, Jean Marie has successfully led several large turn-around
initiatives and reorganization programs for multinational industrial units.
Jean-Marie Julien speaks English fluently and has solid notions of German. He has a diverse educational background,
holds an Engineering Degree (Ecole Centrale de Paris), a Master’s Degree in Operation Research and Applied
Mathematics (Columbia University-NYC) and a DEJC degree in Law, (Nanterre University-Paris X).
From January 2006 to May 2009 Jean Marie was an active member of the AMADEUS-DIRIGEANTS, an association
of managing directors; he has recently participated in founding the OPUS Transition group, an association for
Transition Managers in Paris, France.

Business Profile
Paris, France    
01/2000-Present: Owner at PGSA in Paris
Part of the board od directors. Advise for the strategy.
Insurance, Other Insurance
- Officer - Executive, Partner / Officer - Executive
Company description:
"PGSA designs and sells services to car users. "
, France    
JMC Conseil et Investissement
Paris, France    
Applied Materials
, France    
Applied Materials Switzerland
, France    
A subsidiary of the INEO GDF Suez group
, France    
, France    
GKN Driveline
, France    
Thomson Displays Mexicana
, France    
, France    
Thomson Tubes & Displays
, France    
Thomson multimedia Polska
, France    
Thomson Polkolor
, France    
Thomson - Warsaw
, France    
, France    
Walbro Engine Management
, France    
Walbro Engine Management
, France    
, France    
, France    
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