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President at Hamilton Jones Associates, Inc.     Hartford, Connecticut, United States     Consultants
Hamilton Jones Associates, Inc.
Hartford, Connecticut, United States
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CEO raising $5 Million

CEO is to organize investment of up to $5 Million into acquisition of an integrated manufacturing and service company.

The company manufactures specialized niche products that are high gross profit, low production volume, non-labor intensive, specialty use, light-weight, easy-ship,

American made.

Any investment is to be secured by common shares in the company.

Significant ROI when the company is sold in 5 years.

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Hamilton Jones Associates, Inc.
Hartford, Connecticut, United States    
03/1991-Present: President at Hamilton Jones Associates, Inc. in Hartford
Founder CEO
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- Consulting, Consulting (independent) / Officer - Executive
Company description:
"The company produces sells niche products and services in the United States. Revenue has consistently grown, with the business showing continuous annual increases since its formation. Clients using these products and services have found them to be indispensible. The company easily sells the merits of these products and services.

The company has excellent cash flow. The company has excelled at maintaining high customer retention rates since its inception. Sales cycles are typically a very short, and customer payments are not an issue. The company has well documented processes and procedures, and benefits from great relationships with clients, vendors, and associates.

The company has an excellent, comprehensive, interactive, and user-friendly website that focuses on their primary products and services. The website has proven to be a major success factor for the company, and is continually updated.

The company has developed a solid business model, but now needs an energetic and entrepreneurial investment and management team to lead the company to its

Growth potential for this business is excellent. The company has evaluated growth potential in additional markets. Additional regional offices can be opened with minimal cash outlay and staffing.

Let us know if you would be interested in further information. No obligation, just a willingness to explore potential investment and management opportunities. "
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