Richard Jones
Business Development Manager at Metalfrog Studios Ltd     Norwich, United Kingdom     Others
Business Development Manager
Metalfrog Studios Ltd
Norwich, United Kingdom
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Business Development Manager - Focused on providing improvements in companies turnover through online marketing covering a range of services including SEO, Link building, Hosting, social media, to get a greater presence on the web.

Currently page 1 for "seo agency" Google

If we can't get to page one how would we tell our clients we could get them there!

Business Profile
Metalfrog Studios Ltd
Norwich, United Kingdom    
01/2010-Present: Business Development Manager at Metalfrog Studios Ltd in Norwich
Business Development Manager
Pro-actively source new client opportunities and build a portfolio of new business accounts.
Hold meetings with new and potential clients, ensuring a good understanding of the client by conducting relevant researches on the prospective client.
Identify our key competitors in new and existing locations and have a good understanding of their pricing, business structure, USP's and client base.
To manage the development of projects via interaction of clients and internal team to meet target time frames.
Engaging with new contacts and introducing the business and product
Others, Other
- Marketing - Investor relations, Marketing / Senior
Company description:
"Metalfrog Studios

is a business-focused digital agency. With a team of personnel skilled in all areas of marketing, you can be assured that your business promotion is in safe hands with us, and our years of experience and knowledge just add weight to that:

* Search Engine Marketing: Now the fastest growing SEO agency in the UK

* Web Design: Our designs ensure that your web site always looks fresh and clean.

* Web Development: Our coders can create sites or applications in over 19 different programming languages which means your project is cutting edge.

* Graphic Design: Whether you want a leaflet or business card design, or some fresh graphics for your web site our team can advise with years of commercial design experience behind them.

* E-Mail Marketing: The new postal service. Getting your message to your audience inexpensively and creatively.

* Web Site Hosting: With dedicated servers and speeds in the top 1% in the world, our service is managed and professional and this means a faster web site for your client to view.
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You wish to promote your services in FinRoad? Contact us at
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