Mr JJ Jones
Senior Business Analyst at State Street     London, United Kingdom     Consultants
Senior Business Analyst
State Street
London, United Kingdom
Looking for:
Clients ;
Equity, Funds, Indices (cash), Indices (Future & Option), Forex, Money market, Fixed Income, Other
Q & A ; Interviews ; Conferences ; Training ; Consulting
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John Clifford Jones
Cover Sheet

Senior Business Analyst, seeking position within the financial services industry with emphasis on product development. I have the ability to identify existing working practices, liaising with customers and staff at all levels to produce efficient upgrades and enhancements across front and back office functionality.

Examples of previous responsibilities:

SBL Project lead for State Streets 130/30 enhancement to offer full Prime Services to custody clients;

Marketed an IMS system to the London office of Bear Stearns, thus managing large volumes of trading positions requiring borrowing or synthetic coverage;

Built, designed and introduced a “blank sheet of paper” company to support SBL/Repo and settlement services to the newly established clients of Prudential-Bache;

Trained within the Operations department of Akroyd & Smithers obtaining skills to develop and market their Traded Option and ADR businesses;


Extensive Business Development experience;
Strong Business knowledge across multiple markets;
Excellent interpersonal skills;
Strong experience of dealing with vendors technical teams;
Proven track record relating to deliverables and timelines;
Well organised, with good written and verbal communication skills;
Vast contact list across regulators, users, vendors and market participants;

Experience of:

Broker Dealer short sale coverage;
Prime Brokerage (Cash) incl. Dr/Cr spreads SBL and charges;
Prime Brokerage (Synthetic);
ADR/GDR execution and settlement;
Traded option execution and settlement;
Equity Finance in all Markets;
Portfolio reconstruction (Transition business);
Convertible Bond Arbitrage;
Dividend Yield Enhancement;
Trade matching and billing (Loanet, Equilend, Global One)
Settlement processes through to Agent Bank and central Counterparty reconciliation;

Business Profile
State Street, group BD Expansion
London, United Kingdom    
06/2008-01/2009: Senior Business Analyst at State Street in London
Senior Business Analyst
Consultants, Consultants Finance
- Consulting, Consulting / Senior
Company description:
London, United Kingdom    
Prudential Bache Securities, LLC, group Prudential Insurance Co Inc.
London, United Kingdom    
Akroyd & Smithers PLC
London, United Kingdom    
Business Objectives
Social & Personal

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