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Associate at C4 WorldWide     Helsinki, Finland     Banks Suppliers
C4 WorldWide
Banks Suppliers
Helsinki, Finland
English; Finnish; Swedish;
Market, Funds, Real Estate, Money market
Interviews ; Consulting
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What one word best describes you?

If we are working on a new innovation you better keep it silent, pilot it and take it to the world before someone else hits the same market with similar innovation or idea.

Personality Type is: INTJ

People of this type tend to be: autonomous, aloof, and intellectual; imaginative, innovative, and unique; critical, analytical, and logical; intellectually curious, driven to learn and increase their competence and knowledge; socially cautious and reserved; organized and definitive.

1) Big question´s that resolve many things: WHAT; WHERE;
2) USING these BIG ? you can figure out many things.
"Seeing the flow and process of the flow: I call it a
STREAM. The bigger one is a RIVER and the flowing river
ends to the SEA"
3) Basics is the key so: "GET BACK to the
basics and follow the stream and in the end you will find the

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Business Profile
C4 WorldWide
Helsinki, Finland    
11/2008-Present: Associate at C4 WorldWide in Helsinki
My work at C4 includes finding New Business Development projects and also investor- and funding resources and helping the process with connecting the right parties with due diligence and knowledge in the needs of different parties involved. All this is done in the proper manner and structure that in the end connects the unconnected and secures all the information needed in the process to make decisions and making things CLICK in positive way.
Banks Suppliers, Financial Information Vendor
- Officer - Executive, Founder - Owner / Officer - Executive
Company description:
"The company is headquartered in Southern California in the United States of America and it is currently represented in more than 55 countries. The services provided are developed and driven exclusively by the needs of clients, their culture and the political climate within their country."
Helsinki, Finland    
Delta Car South Ltd
Helsinki, Finland    
PSS Trade Ltd Ltd/SmartIT Finland Ltd
Helsinki, Finland    
Netello Systems Ltd
Helsinki, Finland    
PCP Partner Ltd
Helsinki, Finland    
Jippii Group Inc
Helsinki, Finland    
Smart Contact Ltd (SVM- Company Ltd)
Helsinki, Finland    
Smart Contact Ltd (SVM- Company Ltd)
Helsinki, Finland    
Finnish Sales Information Ltd
Helsinki, Finland    
Pizza- Hut
Helsinki, Finland    
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You wish to promote your services in FinRoad? Contact us at contact@finroad.com
You wish to promote your services in FinRoad? Contact us at contact@finroad.com
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