Benjamin Johnson
Marketing Director at Capital Trades     Riverside, California, United States     Banking
Marketing Director
Capital Trades
Riverside, California, United States
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Capital Trades is the leader in creative Commercial Financing, Bank Instruments,
Bond Programs and more. Through our extensive network of connections with the TOP-
50 banking institutions in the world as well as an unrivaled network of private money
sources we are able to offer our clients unmatched products and services.
We consider ourselves the leader in Bank and Financial Instruments and can incorporate
these instruments into anything you can imagine.
If you're looking for the most dynamic of bond programs to become involved in or to
simply monetize various assets or bank instruments, Dresdner Financial is your one stop
for highly efficient and high quality service. We strongly look forward to servicing all of
your finance needs.
Bank Instruments -
We have business ties with the Top-50 banks in the world. We are the right choice for all
of your commercial finance, creative banking & private investment needs.
We specialize in the monetization “cashing-out” of just about any type of commercial
Monetize SKR's – including precious metals, precious stones, high-end artwork and just
about anything else of considerable value that is presently sitting in an SKR or moved
into an SKR prior to monetization.
We typically get our clients between 70% to 80% on the dollar on most instruments (i.e.
BG's, SBLC's, CD's, Treasuries) and our average turn time is usually 2 to 3 days.
We will work with most CD's (Certificate of Deposit), BG (Bank Guarantee), MTN's
(Medium Term Note), SBLC (Standby Letter Of Credit) & DPLC's (Direct Pay Letter
OF Credit) and just about every other type of instruments available through our network.

Business Profile
Capital Trades, group ST Underwriters
Riverside, California, United States    
01/1983-Present: Marketing Director at Capital Trades in Riverside
Marketing Director
Banking, Investment Bank
- Investment banking, Other Investment banking / Head of Department
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You wish to promote your services in FinRoad? Contact us at
You wish to promote your services in FinRoad? Contact us at
You wish to promote your services in FinRoad? Contact us at
You wish to promote your services in FinRoad? Contact us at
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