Suzanne Johns
Commercial Division Manager at Blue Pacific Commercial     Irvine, California, United States     Brokerage
Commercial Division Manager
Blue Pacific Commercial
Irvine, California, United States
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Experience Level: For over 30 years, I have dealt with assets in various stages of distress. I can buy at the Trustee Sale on the Courthouse steps, negotiate with a bank asset manager or deal directly with an owner looking for relief. My business model is centered on striving to deliver superlative investments for my Investors’ portfolios.

Investor Relationships: It is omnipotent that I establish a strong trust level with my clients. No “deal” should be a onetime shot. My integrity level is very high and my work ethic is excellent. Due diligence does not involve short-cuts.

Networking: The investment opportunities I put in front an investor are found through hours of networking, personal calls and emails to Bank Asset Managers. It is rare that I will send any info from one of the “big” commercial firms.…you and I both know that deal has been shopped everywhere, including the men’s room. I do not like “dogs” with hair and think it is an insult to put something like that in front of you.

Team: I have a team of professionals I work with to constantly stay abreast of the most current assets available.

Property Types: When working with asset managers in various states, there is no telling what type of property will be on the list each will provide me. I get distressed Hotels, Office Buildings, Office/Warehouse, raw land, Condos, Multi-Family, and Strip Shopping Centers. I regularly receive requests to dispose of Non-Performing Notes (commercial & residential) and investors that want to purchase SFR at Trustee Sales.

References: Please check online at for my written references.

YOUR SUCCESS is my priority. I pay attention to detail & strive to exceed your expectations on all levels. I use the most advanced methods, programs, systems and services to deliver the best properties for your perusal and help you determine if the asset would compliment your current business model.

I am a communicator. I have the ability to get to the heart of a deal quickly and determine if it is worth further scrutiny. My response time is IMMEDIATE. My phone # is dedicated as my Investor Hotline. I work extended hours; from 6am PST (for my east coast investors) until 11pm PST, 6 days/wk.

Business Profile
Blue Pacific Commercial, group REO/Distressed Assets Division
Irvine, California, United States    
07/2010-Present: Commercial Division Manager at Blue Pacific Commercial in Irvine
Commercial Division Manager
All team members in my division are under my direct supervision. I coordinate all training and hiring.
Brokerage, Full Service Broker
- Sales, Sales / Officer - Executive
Company description:
"Blue Pacific Commerical works with REO/Distressed Assets of all kinds including Commercial Properties, SFR Bulk, NPNs, and Trustee Sales."
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