Kinoti Jim
Director at Nissi Realtors & Development Ltd     Nairobi, Kenya     Investment Management
Nissi Realtors & Development Ltd
Investment Management
Nairobi, Kenya
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Nissi Realtors & Development Co. ltd and Nissi Security Services international is seeking financial partners.

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Nissi Realtors & Development Ltd, group Nissi Holding Ltd
Nairobi, Kenya    
01/2010-Present: Director at Nissi Realtors & Development Ltd in Nairobi
I'm required to raise funds for Alpha Gardens and also ensure that we have fully repaid money borrowed. Ensure we have clear objective of our strategic position in the East Africa Community.
Investment Management, Other Investment Management
- Other Functions, Other Functions / Senior
Company description:
"Nissi Realtors & Development Ltd, is a Real Estate development company seeking to construct residential units coupled with commercial section to eleviate the need of housing in Kenya.
We have a shortfall of 150,000 units annually and we would like to use alternative technology to construct the units."
Nissi Security Services Int'l
Nairobi, Kenya    
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