Mr Sunil Jha
Managing Director at Akiko Business Consultants Pty Ltd     Sydney, Australia     Consultants
Managing Director
Akiko Business Consultants Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
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Sunil began his IT career in 1982 in India. By 1985 he had set up his first business venture “Professional Business Software”. Professional Business Software under Sunil’s leadership assisted listed companies in India convert shareholder information from tape drives to hard disk drives and then developed an application “SHAREASSIST” to manage all share transactions internally.

In 1987 Sunil established “Akiko Systems, a privately owned Software Consulting and Developing company. Sunil headed it as its Managing Director. Akiko Systems in India was the first company to have started the concept of ERP style software development starting 1988.

A serial entrepreneur, Sunil has more than 25 years behind him as an IT professional. Sunil’s strengths are in “Concept Selling” and Process Improvements. Sunil operated Akiko Systems successfully in India for 15 years before relocating to Australia. Having spent a substantial amount of time in Australia, Sunil has gained a thorough understanding of the workings of the Australian commercial market. In his previous roles Sunil has worked in senior management positions with large Australian IT Software integrators. Sunil has worked in senior management positions within large IT Systems Integrators like Praxa Limited and Aspect Computing Pty Ltd.

Sunil established Akiko Business Consultants in 2002 and has successfully grown it to a million dollar business; assisting fortune 500 Australian companies reduce cost of their business operations and increase their efficiencies through business process refinement/ redesign/ re-engineering.

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Akiko Business Consultants Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia    
04/2002-Present: Managing Director at Akiko Business Consultants Pty Ltd in Sydney
Managing Director
Consultants, Consultants Strategy
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Company description:
"Established in Autumn (April 2002), Akiko Business Consultants has strived to provide Quality Services to its corporate customers. We have found our niche in the current economy by offering Business process Re-Engineering/ Business Process Improvement services to customers; bundling our services with efficient, state-of-the-art business tools to back-up our solutions. In the changing business scenario, there are not many service providers who bring a Process Change by introducing Process Improvement and implementing them.

Akiko Business Consultants is a premier business process consulting and services company. We help our customers use our Business Solutions to reduce costs and improve business efficiency through reengineering/ refining their business processes. To extend the value we bring to our customers, we've invested our skills in methodologies that help speed deployment, decrease risk, and control costs.

Committed to delivering innovative solutions and with deep industry and business process expertise, broad global industry knowledge and a proven track record, Akiko can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients improve performance of your business processes.."
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