Avinash Jha
Equity/Research Analyst at HSBC Global Research     Bangalore, India     Banking
Equity/Research Analyst
HSBC Global Research
Bangalore, India
English; Hindi;
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Avinash Jha joined HSBC in May 2006, after working with Evalueserve and Kotak Life as a Senior Business Analyst and Relationship Manager respectively. He holds a bachelor’s degree (BE) in Mechanical Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Ranchi and is a Master of Finance and Control from University of Delhi’s Department of Financial Studies.

Avinash is a dedicated and motivated professional and offers independent analysis, quantitative/financial modelling, decision making abilities and sound experience in positions calling for. He has the ability to produce results in a short span maintaining a result oriented approach. He also seeks assignment to provide him professional growth and development within the organization. His leadership based on integrity and quality business practices, has delivered many successful projects in the field of equity/investment research and business analytics. His areas of interests are financial analysis, consulting, strategy and quantitative research.

Business Profile
HSBC Global Research, group Global Banking and Markets-Equity Research
Bangalore, India    
05/2006-Present: Equity/Research Analyst at HSBC Global Research in Bangalore
Equity/Research Analyst
UK MidCap
Banking, Investment Bank
- Research, Research / Junior
Company description:
Evalueserve, group Investment Research
Delhi, India    
Kotak Life Insurance
Delhi, India    
IMS Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd
Mumbai, India    
Power Finance Corporation
Mumbai, India    
Business Objectives
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