• The reason most exotic assets cannot be used for monetization into trade. by   2012-07-06 When you understand how the trading process works, and the regulations required of the traders, you can quickly decide if the asset you have will qualify for a line of credit to be placed into trade.
  • Central banks take action, again by   2012-07-06 The events of the week were central bank actions and U.S. job data
  • Building a risk mitigation culture for asset managers by   2012-07-02 Asset managers are facing a catch-22. More frequent and larger risk volatility shocks are on the cards. At the same time, restricted budgets and resources mean they aren’t getting a clear understanding of scenario analysis for reliable risk forecasting.
  • Measuring the impact of the Banking Reform Bill by   2012-06-25 Designed to strengthen regulation in the financial services sector, the Banking Reform Bill is also tipped to provide greater transparency to the industry. There has been much talk on the changes which banks will be required to make and the banking reform White Paper published on the 14th June offers the financial services industry welcomed details on the transformation challenges ahead.
  • FATCA readiness for asset managers: comply or die! by   2012-06-19 The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is expected to radically alter how asset managers conduct business on a global scale. With final regulations to be issued in July 2012, financial institutions must take immediate steps to prepare for this game-changing legislation or risk stiff fines.
  • Navigating Cloud Standards – A Glimpse Of The Future by   2012-06-15 Many CIOs within investment management firms want to achieve the full value of the Cloud by delivering real business results both now and in the future. Strong requirement is needed to aggregate and manage across traditional and cloud delivery models.
  • The Times - Cut taxes, cut spending. That's the only way by
    Terry Smith
  • Are banks ready for Counterparty Credit Risk under Basel III? by   2012-06-08
  • Quant trading gets up close and personal by
    Laura Lupo
  • Paul Krugman by
    Terry Smith

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