• Perspectives from 30,000 Feet to the Street: Learn from Experts in Global Intelligence and Analysis and Network with Cross Border Deal Makers by   2011-04-27 The Third Global M&A Symposium: The New Economics for the Private Middle Market, which is sponsored by the Alliance of Merger & Acquisitions Advisors and the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, will take place on May 10-12, 2011 in London, England.
  • Are spaghetti the cheapest dish? by   2011-04-21 Liquidy fragmentation and best practices to reduce costs pushed to the creation of spaghetti networks. Time comes to rethink that strategy to achieve better TCO and increased quality of service.
  • Are The Chinese Sabotaging Themselves In the Financial World? by   2011-04-19 Are The Chinese Sabotaging Themselves In The World Of Finance? With good reason, the Chinese have put up insurmountable road blocks to the owners of these funds: The large families that control China's assets. The protective layers, however, have also cost the Chinese many excellent opportunities outside in the Western financial systems. 1 comment
  • Shell, BP Migas, FLEX LNG, OLT Offshore LNG Toscana, Rolls Royce Marine gather to discuss market trends & trade movements of Offshore LNG by   2011-04-18 -- Global Offshore LNG Summit will unlock the secrets to the participating companies the commercialization of undeveloped offshore gas reserves and likewise show how to monetize the technology in the upcoming summit at Traders Hotel Dubai, UAE.
  • 2nd Annual Africa Gas and LNG Summit 2011 Officially Launched by   2011-04-13 Neoedge is announcing the launch of the 2nd Annual Africa Gas and LNG Summit 2011 which is scheduled to be held from 19 to 22 July 2011.
  • Les plus grands sélectionneurs de fonds se rassemblent au Luxembourg pour étudier nouveaux produits et stratégies. by
    Eloise Mercereau
      2011-04-04 Plus de 270 professionnels de la sélection de fonds ont participé le 15 février 2011 à la 1ère édition de FundsEvent qui s’est tenue au Centre de conférences Drosbach de Luxembourg pour échanger sur le thème de la sélection de fonds.
  • High energy growth rates and burgeoning demand has ASEAN attracting global investors by
    Indre Riley
      2011-04-04 Different governments in South East Asia have different policies, but Minoru Kaneko, Singapore Chief Representative for NEXI, predicts that South East Asia's economic growth will continue for the next 5 years and economic growth will continue to prompt infrastructure development.
  • OTC opportunities in infrastructure investment by   2011-03-31 There’s a lot of talk right now about regulation in the OTC derivatives market – and rightly so. Both Dodd-Frank in the US and the proposed European Market Infrastructure Regulations (EMIR) in Europe carry restrictions for those trading these lucrative instruments. Many fund managers are worried about the impact that these restrictions will have on their performance, especially with so many questions around matters such as access to central counterparties unanswered. One thing that can be discussed now, though, is the infrastructure investment that will be needed in order to ensure compliance.
  • Risk Reduction in Style Rotation by
    Rodrigo Dupleich, Daniel Giamouridis, Chris Montagu
      2011-03-29 Rodrigo Dupleich, Daniel Giamouridis, Chris Montagu. This paper investigates the potential improvement in the implementation of style rotation strategies by techniques addressing estimation errors.
  • Never the Twain Shall Meet? Addressing the Disconnect between Banks' Financial and Regulatory Reporting by
    Paul Klumpes, Peter Welch
      2011-03-29 Paul Klumpes, Peter Welch. This paper reviews the arguments for and against the decoupling of capital ratio calculations based on IFRS from those based on Basel II.

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