• The experience of uncorrelated assets by
    the research team at Newedge Prime Brokerage
      2011-05-07 The experience of uncorrelated assets Much has been written about the low correlation between managed futures strategies and the S&P 500.
  • An unregulated market for Facebook takes off by
    Dr Arjuna Sittampalam
      2011-05-07 An unregulated market for Facebook takes off Facebook has become in recent months, one of the hottest shares traded on a market.
  • Investing in Agriculture by   2011-04-27 Faced with a low return environment, investors are looking at farmland as a replacement to traditional stocks & bonds.
  • Partnerships Technical Bureau promotes investment and finance opportunities in Kuwait by
    Chiamaka Osuagwu
      2011-04-27 In its strategy to promote and support increased private-sector participation in infrastructure development, the Government of Kuwait has established a Public Private Partnership (PPP) program providing significant investment and financing opportunities for the private sector. Through the implementation of the High Committee and the Partnerships Technical Bureau (PTB), the Kuwaiti government has established the perfect environment to promote its mega-projects to the private sector.
  • PPPs set to be featured as a driving force for Kuwait projects in 2011 by
    Chiamaka Osuagwu
      2011-04-27 Before the dramatic turn of events in Egypt in the last few weeks which resulted in a new era for the country – and the region - an important meeting was held with 300 of the key decision makers in Egypt’s financial and infrastructure sectors.
  • African Financial Leaders gather to draw the Roadmap of the Finance Industry by   2011-04-27 The upcoming Africa Financial Summit 2011 – Well researched and designed for African companies, to address all the critical issues on capital investment, fund rising, mergers and acquisitions, risk and liquidity management, foreign exchange transactions, debt market and IFRS. Key topics and themes of the summit include: The future roles of finance leaders to contribute the continent’s development; Exploration of funding options available for large scale projects and subsequent developments under current market conditions; Infrastructure Financing in Africa; Facilitating direct investment from other emerging markets such as China and India into African resources; Latest developments on the International
  • Third Global M&A Symposium: New Economics for the Private Middle Market by   2011-04-27 The Third Global M&A Symposium, which is sponsored by the AM&AA and Primerus, will be taking place on May 10-12 in London, England.
  • Perspectives from 30,000 Feet to the Street: Learn from Experts in Global Intelligence and Analysis and Network with Cross Border Deal Makers by   2011-04-27 The Third Global M&A Symposium: The New Economics for the Private Middle Market, which is sponsored by the Alliance of Merger & Acquisitions Advisors and the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, will take place on May 10-12, 2011 in London, England.
  • Are spaghetti the cheapest dish? by   2011-04-21 Liquidy fragmentation and best practices to reduce costs pushed to the creation of spaghetti networks. Time comes to rethink that strategy to achieve better TCO and increased quality of service.
  • Are The Chinese Sabotaging Themselves In the Financial World? by   2011-04-19 Are The Chinese Sabotaging Themselves In The World Of Finance? With good reason, the Chinese have put up insurmountable road blocks to the owners of these funds: The large families that control China's assets. The protective layers, however, have also cost the Chinese many excellent opportunities outside in the Western financial systems. 1 comment

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