Deal: Nickel wire + Copper powder

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We are looking to leverage (for a credit line) any quantity of 99.98% pure nickel wire, which is kept under SKR by a logistics & assaying company in Switzerland. The nickel wire is 0,025mm diameter, about 0,0044g weight/metre, total length about 2,4 million meters. It was valued at €206/metre minimum back in July, but of course the value/price fluctuates continuously, plus for large batches the price is negotiable, it will also depend on how the commodity will be leveraged. We are willing to grant a revolving direct credit line or term loan, with the asset as collateral under SKR. With plenty of headroom of course, in case the price drops. We have been told that it could also be used as asset backing for a trading program. In case of serious interest, we will send the SKR as well as an analysis done by a certified assay laboratory. Any interest please feel free to let me know.
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