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To be short, Airstage is the Uber of the Live music :-)

In other words, it is a Fintech, designed for live music, which aims to promote independent and emerging musical artists of all genres, including DJs, musicians, street musicians.
The App - already operational on Android stores (with payment systems) and under development on IOS with our team - is particularly powerful.

Artists and Fans can register for free.
Artists are known and liked via images, videos, networks, paid with QR code during their performances in the streets, subways, bars, clubs, roof tops, festivals ..
Fans discover, thanks to our geolocation of a real-time event, new artists anywhere in the world, can 'clap' them, follow them and support them financially in a click and book them for a private event.
All events can be automatically relayed on any social network.

A CRM allows Artists and Fans to store all performance data.
A private and secured internal chat is at disposal to all members.

So it is B2B2C, where pro (festivals, owners of bars, clubs, hotels, etc.) will have everything to gain by subscribing to broadcast all their annual programming.
The business model is defined by a percentage of what fans will donate to support their favorite artists, and the same percentage for all pro subscriptions. ( the exact opposite of the streaming where the emerging artists have no chance to break through).
For the tens of thousands of non-paying festivals that are struggling to promote their events and that do not have an APP, it will be a free access when the App "onboard" their full programs.

We have partnerships in the process of signing with the Dimon in Nice, the Primo Maggio in Rome, the Gibraltar festival but also with the Havas Group, the RATP and the BVG in Berlin. We already had the Fête de la Musique 2018 in MENA and the UNESCO International Jazz Day as client where we were the official festival app.
The Canton of Geneva appreciated the potential of the App and offered us support for all their cultural and Blockchain promotions.

The famous musician Jay Golden has agreed to embed Airstage for his weekly jams in Paris.
Discussions are currently happening with the Mairie de Paris.

On the Music and Sales & Marketing side, we partnered with the first independent French music production agency headed by a veteran of the genre whose name is Cocto. A web-radio / TV is being studied with him.

As you certainly understand, everything is based on the "cashless" and for this we have a payment module that allows Fans in one click QR code to pay each artist 90% directly to their accounts.

In addition, we are partnering with a company in Switzerland, specialist in Blockchain technology and with whom we will develop the tokenization of Airstage.
We have also set up our in-house engineers R&D team in Central Europe.

The App incorporates gamification for Fans and Artists awarding points based on usage and that allows for discounts, or other benefits related to music.
These points are therefore the subject of a monetization / tokenization via Blockchain technology.

We have a complete detailed monthly operational financial plan associated to a complex algorithm showing cash burn, fundraising needs or any other parameter on a monthly basis.

For your information, Airstage SA is a Swiss company registered in Geneva and we are currently pitching to raise up to € 3 mln (with tranches options of 1 mln) for a 20% stake of the capital.

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